Importance of girls supporting girls / by Tobey Schmidt


It took me a while to gather my thoughts for this post. I wanted to write about why it’s important for girls and women to support each other, but everything I wrote seemed so obvious that I didn’t think it’d be worth reading. I mean, why wouldn’t girls support each other?

More often than not I think women are jealous of each other’s accomplishments or progress than they are happy for them. The problem stems from insecurity, and self-love is the only way to solve it.

I’m not perfect, but I do love myself. I love who I am and I love what my mind and body are capable of. Because of this, I’m able to give support to those who are working toward the same goals that I am without fear of competition.

As women, we all know how awesome it feels when another woman supports you because honestly, it’s kind of rare. That moment when she’s like, “get it, girl!” and you’re like, “whaaaat did we just become best friends, because that was so nice!?” 

This is important amongst women because I think we tend to be more competitive with each other than we are with men (pointing this out for all my dudes reading this, because we support you guys, too!).

I love surrounding myself with rad ladies who are willing to share and learn together. When you start giving and receiving that kindness from others you’ll stop feeling jealousy and you’ll start feeling inspired.

So gals.. love and be loved by each other, mentor and learn from each other, praise, encourage, collaborate and do badass sh%t together!