Local business community benefits from refugees who arrive and thrive - Inside Tucson Business, Tucson, AZ

In Iraq, Hussein Haki worked as an architectural engineer. That was until he and his family had to flee the country and move to America. Now he owns two businesses in Tucson and has paid off all of his loans.


Anak Verhoeven on making the first female 5.15a first ascent - Rock and Ice, Carbondale, CO

After taking down a long-standing project in France, the Belgium climber extended the route and made history.

Sun-drenched Tourism - Inside Tucson Business, Tucson, AZ

The Tucson and Pima County tourism industry is ran by Visit Tucson, who receives about an $8 million budget every year. Learn how they track their success, why the city government continues to give funding and how citizens benefit from tourism.

‘Unwanted’ produce at border food warehouses helps address hunger - Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, AZ

While millions of pounds of food is wasted across the United States, a local organization rescues the ‘leftovers’ to solve an even bigger issue.


Angy Eiter becomes first woman to climb 5.15b - Rock and Ice, Carbondale, CO

Angy Eiter, 31, sends Adam Ondra’s La Planta de Shiva (9b/5.15b) at Villanueva del Rosario, Spain.


Keeping the Tlingit language alive - Skagway News, Skagway, AK

The language of the indigenous people of southeast Alaska is dying, as only 100 natives still speak it. A Ph.D. student speaks about the idea of people losing their language and how he plans to bring Tlingit back to his people.


Summit Hut: Two 15-year-olds who wanted to bring quality outdoor gear and supplies to Tucson - Inside Tucson Business, Tucson, AZ

Dave Baker used to store his inventory under his bed as a teenager. Almost 50 years later the company now operates out of two Tucson locations, a website and Amazon.

Dark side of U.S history that built Catalina Highway

Dark side of U.S history that built Catalina Highway - Arizona Sonora News Service, Tucson, AZ

Hundreds of cars drive up and down Mt. Lemmon via the Catalina Highway everyday. What many don’t know is that it was built by Japanese-Americans who were forced to work in an internment camp after WWII , particularly one man who brought a lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court.


King salmon fishing opens south of Skagway - Skagway News, Skagway, AK

Recent fishing regulations bring forth strong, opposing opinions from local fisherman and owners of local commercial charters. 


Build roads not walls, says rancher - Reporting Public Affairs, University of Arizona

As President Donald Trump continues to campaign for a wall bordering the U.S. and Mexico, ranchers in Arizona urge for a more economic solution.

The ranch with more than one purpose

An inside look at my day spent on a a cattle ranch in southern Arizona. The head rancher, Dean Fish, Ph.D., spends most of his time focusing on where the cattle grazes to protect the quality of his pastures.


Opinion: Glaciers in Alaska vs. climate change - Skagway News, Skagway, AK

Sure, we don't all live in Alaska and our houses aren't all surrounded by glaciers and the Pacific Ocean. Climate change will still affect you, so see how it's currently, directly affecting Alaska.